Friday, January 2, 2015

Starting Open Source Forum in our College

I am glad to say that me and Taranjeet Sir have started an Open Source Forum in our college for spreading the knowledge of Open Source. I know there will be a lot of challenges in getting through but we are ready to handle that. 

Firstly, we are focusing on the basics of the Git and Introduction to Github.
The main focus is to make sure that everyone is capable of using the Git Version Control. This will ensure that they are good to go with the further topics.  

Ok first let me tell you that how git can help you in building your career:
  • Save Time

    Git is lightning fast. And although we're talking about only a few seconds per command, it quickly adds up in your work day. Use your time for something more useful than waiting for your version control system to get back to you. 
  • Work Offline

    What if you want to work while you're on the move? With a centralized VCS like Subversion or CVS, you're stranded if you're not connected to the central repository. With Git, almost everything is possible simply on your local machine: make a commit, browse your project's complete history, merge or create branches... Git let's you decide where and when you want to work.
  • Don’t Mix Things Up

    Separation of concerns is paramount to keeping track of things. While you’re working on feature A, nothing (and no-one) else should be affected by your unfinished code. What if it turns out the feature isn't necessary anymore? Or if, after 10 commits, you notice that you took a completely wrong approach? Branching is the answer for these problems. And while other version control systems also know branches, Git is the first one to make it work as it should: fast & easy.
  • Make Useful Commits

    A commit is only really useful if it just contains related changes. Imagine having a commit that contains something from feature A, a little bit of feature B, and bugfix C. This is hard to understand for your teammates and can't be rolled back easily if some of the code is causing problems. Git helps you create granular commits with its unique "staging area" concept: you can determine exactly which changes shall be included in your next commits, even down to single lines. This is where version control starts to be useful.

One can start with the Git tutorials using this link : 

This is the official git tutorial and very much easy. 

Git is used world wide for the software development. Git is used by the organizations like Google, Mozilla, Open Hatch, OLPC, Python  Software Foundation and many other organizations. 

Keep Coding. 

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