Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Memories :) :)

Since this is my last post of this year , I wish everyone a very happy new year. Do wishes and may the next year fulfill your life with happiness and joy.

Today the exams are over and it is the time to contribute fully to fjord project on which I have been working for last one month. Till now I have made two pull requests in this project and one of them was merged and the second one is under review. Check my github profile at

I would like to summarize the big events of my life in this year:
  • Internship at TakeZero that changed my life from C++ to Python Language.
  • Internship at Fratmart that laid my pathway towards Entrepreneurship and I have been able to setup a whole start-up by my own.
  • Learnt scraping of data and utilizing them for solving own problems like video downloading. 
  • Back to back three projects  in two days during my pre-university tests :
  • PyUrl (A url shortner service ) and 
  • The most exciting moment of this year was when I made the Youtube Video Downloader in just 1.5 hours.
  • Starting working the Mozilla Organization by contributing code in their two repositiories. First in Kitherder Project and then in Fjord Project.

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