Monday, July 11, 2016

Internship Experience at Cityflo

I am really excited to share my internship experience at Cityflo. It has been really two awesome months working here. Here at Cityflo, the team is building a great product that is solving the commute problem of thousands of people in India. During this period of 2 months, I worked on new technologies and got to learn a lot.
It was 21st December 2015 when I joined Cityflo as Backend Developer Intern. I devoted the first week on ramping up the codebase. Also, I took Cityflo ride in the first week itself and the experience was really awesome as the ride was punctual and very much comfortable.
From the second week, I was assigned the task of setting up Test Driven development for Cityflo. TDD setup was really necessary at that time since two or three times the system fucked up when the code changes was deployed on the production server. For instance, once a small syntax error due to one of the team member caused internal server error and the ride bookings on the mobile app stopped for about 15-20 minutes until we reverted it back to previous stable commit. These small errors can cause a large number of problems for a company growing at a fast pace and needed to be taken care of. Here comes the role of Test Driven Development(TDD). For the first time in my life, I wrote test suite for such a big codebase of about 5000 lines of code.
While writing the tests, I realized that TDD is something really important that will help us deploy the code fastly without worrying about code failure at the production server. Writing the test cases is not that easy. It needs understanding of each and every corner case written in the codebase so that if anything changes in the code, then tests should fail ideally. This constitutes a good test suite.
After writing complete set of test cases for the whole business logic, the code coverage raised from 0 to 85%. I also integrated travis CI and Coveralls as well. After completing the TDD, no fuck up has happened at the production server. It really helped Cityflo in keeping the code clear and simple and increased productivity. Here at Cityflo, we always strive for the code coverage with a better set of test cases that checks everything. Along with this feature, I fixed hundreds of daily tech issues and the maintenance issues.
In the whole span of 2 months, I ended up in making 280 commits which comprised of 14,223 lines of additions and 8,433 lines of deletions.

I would like to thank Cityflo Team for giving me such an amazing experience. :-)


  1. Lately I have been amazed by how more than a few start ups have a product without TDD. After some work in the same, I think not doing TDD in favour of rapid development is just plain stupidity.
    Nice article, you should have also mentioned the tech components involved.

    1. Thanks Saurabh Sir. I will surely update this blog post soon sometime with the tech components involved. :-)

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