Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Working on Open Source Projects teaches a lot

I am writing this blog psot in context to the open source projects on which I have worked previously.
Contributions in any Open Source projects teaches a lot to anyone who is willing to code and learn. 


  • Don't get confused in participating in any open source project. Just go ahead.
  • The developers working on the projects are very helping in nature. They are always ready to help you.
  • If you think that you don't know the whole concepts of the particular technology, then start working on any project, it will help you to cover the areas in which you are weak. I have learned this from my experience. 
  • So all I want to say is that just start doing it today itself. :) 

I would like to share my experience in Open Source: 
  • It was July 2014 and I was working as a Web Developer Intern in TLabs that is one of the top start-up accelerators in India. There I was reading the documentation of Django-allauth and I was configuring the django-allauth in my local repository. There I encountered a problem and then I found a bug :) and reported to my Senior Developer in the company. He then told me about the Open Source Projects and described me that how actually it works and how persons like me can fix this. Then I cloned the repository of django-allauth and made the changes according to me and then made a pull request and after a day my PR was merged. I felt happy for contributing to a big project on which only few developers who are real programmers code. Then I felt that I should start with some organization and start making some contribution to their projects. 
  • Later on in Sept 2014, one day I just started making my Online Portfolio using the Impress JS library and while I was reading the docs, I found a documentation error in that and at that moment only I just made the pull request and it was merged successfully. Lastly I was successful in making my portfolio and it is live at . This encouraged me a lot towards the open source projects.
  • After a week, I came to know about the Open Hatch ( , Basically it is a website that helps the new comers in the field of Open Source and helps them in choosing any open source project and lists them the bugs that they can fix for a head start. I just explored the website OpenHatch and wondered that why not I should contribute to OpenHatch ? Then I talked to mentor Asheesh Laroia ( and he helped me a lot in getting through the codebase and I fixed some bugs in OpenHatch's ohmainline repository. As the codebase was written in django, I was comfortable with it. 
  • In Oct 2014, After fixing some of the bugs in OpenHatch, I moved onto projects in the Mozilla Organization  . Then I started working on Mozilla Fjord that powers . This project is mainly the feedback system of Mozilla for every product that Mozilla is having. It also involves the analysis of the data recorded from the users. Here I worked on bugs under  mentors WillkG and mythmon and they helped me a lot in fixing the issues. I made mistakes but they corrected me. I was very much happy that I worked under some of the Top Developers of the world(Software Engineers of Mozilla) and they were guiding me to tackle a particular task.  I worked on another project simultaneously named, Mozilla Kitherder, where Yvan Boily mentored me on the bug that I fixed. The bug in this project on whcih I was worked was the best of my all bugs that I have resolved yet since it involved a lot of changes in the codebase.  
  • Currently I am working on the Mochitests (A testing framework of Mozilla) where I am mentored by Joel Maher. He is the coolest mentor I ever had. He helped in setting up the whole project repository and helped in setting up the Mozilla Central repository. Currently i am working on some bugs involved in Mochitest. I am thankful to the mentors who helped me in doing such great things and now feel that I should help some students and encourage them to start working on the projects like this. 


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