Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blocked Internet Sucks alot

Whenever you try to open websites and you see that the ISPs have blocked the websites then it sucks alot. Yesterday, when I was trying to download some python packages from PyPi then found that the College Administration has blocked the PyPi.

Really that made me mad and for the next three to four hours I started research on Internet to how to bypass the blocking. I found several ways to bypass the Blocking. Our college has setup a certificate for the secure browsing. Without importing that certificate to your browser , you cannot access internet. The security has been provided by the Cyberoam Securtiy.  So I started with the proxy sites, but they have such a good blocking system that all the proxy P2P sites and the URLTranslator websites were blocked. Then next I tried to setup the vpn using the OpenVPN but I found some difficulty in that and then I left this method. The best I found on Internet was to setup the SSH Tunneling. 

Setting up SSH Tunneling only requires to have a ssh access to a server. 
To set up the ssh to the server, the command only you need to run through the terminal is 

ssh username@serveraddress.com -L 1000:

And you just need to enter the socks host address as and socks port as 1000. 

Finally, you have got the Unblocked Internet Connection. Maybe it will be slower than that of you previous connection but its worth. 


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