Friday, November 28, 2014

Contributions that encourages me

The open source contributions in any Organization makes you feel as a developer, a matured developer. I recently contributed to three open source projects:

  1.  Mozilla-fjord
  2. Mozilla-kitherder 
  3. Openhatch oh-mainline
Currently, I am focusing on  Mozilla kitherder and Mozilla fjord project. These are the biggest projects that I have done in my life. Working on such a big project lets you to introduce yourself with other Developers. 

While going  through the code base of a project, one gets to know about the different coding styles. One also gets to know about the better way of implementation of his earlier projects.

I would like to help the new students who want to contribute to Open Source projects.
You can start contribution using the website . This website is the best one for starting open source contributions. 

I have heard from many students that open source is something very big thing and they are not able to do anything in this field. So, I would like to inform all of you guys that its all matter of practice and hard work. The more you will explore the Github , Openhatch and the more you will learn form there. There is nothing that you can get without hard work. There is no shortcut to hard work.

Stay hungry Stay foolish.
Deshraj Yadav. 

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